A Content Company that Was 20 Years in the Making

Way back in the year 2000, when We Know Words was started, Sharon did dream about her kids being part of the “we” someday. But…they had little interest as they grew up. Until one day Evan decided working with his mom might not be such a bad gig after all. 

So here we are, two sides of a content coin, with Evan on the polishing side as the proofreader and Sharon on the creation side as the writer. And getting along just fine, it turns out!


More about Evan

Some people are just better at proofreading than others, just like some are better at math. For Evan, he’s an effective proofreader because he’s analytical, detail-oriented and a stickler for rules—and he knows words.

Evan chose to become a freelance proofreader because it combines his fondness for reading with his rational side that wants things to be right. Evan enjoys the English language and all its nuances and eccentricities, but he also likes to know what the rules are and how to apply them.

When Evan’s not proofreading for clients, he’s competing in game jams, struggling to cook in his tiny kitchen, or wondering if it’s time to get another cat.

Will Evan’s proofreading skills improve your content? Let’s find out. Or, find him on LinkedIn.

More about Sharon

Sharon started her freelance copywriter journey after earning her MA in Art History and realizing it was much too hard to run an arts and antiques magazine with a 2-year-old! (You might be able to guess that 2-year-old.) We Know Words allowed her to be the mom she wanted to be while still earning an income. And what a journey it has been, watching the kids grow up while watching marketing evolve! As a copywriter, Sharon has freelanced for some of the biggest brands and some of the smallest businesses, delivering just about every kind of content. Today she enjoys the content creation but also enjoys sharing her skillset by teaching others how to do better… because she knows words. When she’s not helping clients with content, she farms.

Can Sharon boost the value of your content? Let’s find out. Or, find her on LinkedIn and her professional blog.


Clients we’ve worked for directly or indirectly over the years include: Fluke Networks, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, XYPRO, Expedia, Amazon, VTEX, Simplilearn, MoEngage, Avalara, MW Industries, Heinz Marketing, Apex Learning, Syntellis, Procare, Vera Whole Health, Moz, ClickMail, iPost, University of Washington, Zango Creative, Roam Consulting, WhitePages.com, and so many others!