I specialize in small projects with quick turnaround times because not every piece of content is a novel and not every client can wait two weeks or more for the services of a proofreader. My goal is to help you make every piece of content error-free, not just the long ones. 

That means you can hire me to proofread blog posts, web pages, whitepapers and other smaller documents other proofreaders won’t want to mess with. 

And when you hire me, you get a professional proofreader who is fast, flexible and affordable. 

Many businesses and marketing agencies need a fresh set of eyes, but they’re working against the clock. That’s why I offer a fast turnaround, with your content proofread and returned to you by the next business day in many cases.  

I’m not picky about how we work together. I’m only picky about finding any mistakes. That means you can submit your document to me via Google Docs, MS Word or some other format. And that means I can communicate any mistakes I find in the way that works best for you, whether with Track Changes on, as comments or some other way. 

I charge $25/hour and I have a 15-minute minimum. That means if your blog post only takes me 15 minutes to proofread, I’ll do it for $6.25.

To get started with me as your professional proofreader, reach out.